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Model 820 | 8 x 20 Enclosed Cargo Trailer

$ 23,795.00 USD

Standard Specs:

  • Dimensions | Exterior
    in (L) x
    in (W) x
    in (H)
  • Dimensions | Interior
    in (L) x
    in (W) x
    in (H)
  • Curb Weight
  • Payload Rating
  • Rear Door
    Ramp or Barn Door
  • Axle
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Standard Features

Aluminum Wheels

Aluminum wheels are the best choice for many people due to their lightweight nature, which improves fuel efficiency and performance. Their corrosion resistance ensures long-lasting durability, even in harsh conditions, and the wide range of customization options allows us to create a unique and visually appealing look for our trailers. Altogether, these advantages make aluminum wheels a preferred and popular choice among cargo trailer enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike.

Anodized Aluminum Trim

Anodized aluminum trim provides cargo trailers with enhanced durability, aesthetics, and low maintenance requirements. Its resistance to corrosion and fading, along with the range of available colors, makes it an excellent choice for both personal and commercial applications. With the added benefit of being lightweight and eco-friendly, anodized aluminum trim is a valuable and practical investment for any cargo trailer.

Dexter Rubber Torsion Axles

Dexter Rubber Torsion Axles provide cargo trailers with a smoother ride, improved handling and stability, reduced maintenance requirements, durability, and independent suspension for each wheel. Their versatility and ability to accommodate various cargo trailer sizes and loads make them a preferred choice for a reliable and comfortable towing experience.

Epoxy Paint

Epoxy paint offers superior protection, durability, and aesthetic enhancement for cargo trailers. Its resistance to chemicals, corrosion, and fading, coupled with easy maintenance, makes it a reliable choice for keeping the trailer looking fresh and well-protected over time. This resistance prevents these substances from damaging the paint and underlying metal, maintaining the trailer's structural integrity and preventing corrosion or rust formation over time.

Heavy Duty Ramp Door Spring

A heavy-duty ramp door springs provide cargo trailers with easy and smooth operation, enhanced safety, durability, and time savings during loading and unloading operations. Their compatibility with various trailer configurations and accessories makes them a valuable addition to cargo trailers designed for heavy-duty applications or frequent use. Overall, heavy-duty ramp door springs improve the functionality and usability of cargo trailers, benefiting both individual users and businesses alike.

Side Door

A side door on a cargo trailer offers easy access to cargo, versatile loading and unloading options, enhanced security and privacy, efficient multiple access points, and better airflow. Whether for personal or commercial use, having a side door can significantly improve the convenience and functionality of a cargo trailer, making it a valuable asset for various transportation and storage needs.

Spacious Interior

Having a spacious interior in a cargo trailer provides numerous benefits, including increased cargo capacity, versatility, improved organization, enhanced safety, and potential for mobile business applications. Whether for personal use or commercial purposes, a cargo trailer with ample interior space offers added convenience, flexibility, and value for a wide range of transportation needs.

Wood Free

A wood-free cargo trailer is the best choice for those seeking durability, lightweight design for better fuel efficiency and handling, low maintenance requirements, and an eco-friendly solution. With its long-lasting performance and customization options, this type of trailer ensures a reliable and visually appealing solution for hauling cargo with peace of mind.

Optional Add-ons

Aluminum Ladder Racks

Aluminum ladder racks on cargo trailers offer efficient storage, increased cargo capacity, improved organization, enhanced safety, quick and easy access to ladders, lightweight construction, corrosion resistance, customization options, and versatility. These benefits make them a practical and valuable accessory for cargo trailers, especially for businesses and individuals that frequently transport ladders or other long items.

E-Track Tie-Down Rail

E-track tie-down rails on a cargo trailer offer secure cargo transport, versatility in tie-down points, quick adjustments, organized cargo arrangement, enhanced safety, efficient use of space, durability, and ease of attachment and removal. These benefits make E-track tie-down rails a valuable and practical accessory for cargo trailers, ensuring safe and reliable transportation of various types of cargo.

Heavy Duty Ramp Door

A heavy-duty ramp on a cargo trailer offers increased load capacity, durability, versatility, enhanced safety, and efficiency in cargo handling. The added strength and durability of the ramp facilitate quicker and more efficient loading and unloading operations. Heavy cargo can be easily wheeled or driven onto the trailer, saving time and labor. These benefits make it a valuable option to cargo trailers used for heavy-duty applications requiring a reliable and robust solution for transporting substantial loads.

Recessed Tie Down Rings

Recessed tie-down rings on cargo trailers offer cargo security, unobstructed cargo space, versatility in cargo placement, improved safety, simplified cleaning and maintenance, customization options, enhanced aesthetics, and protection for both the cargo and the trailer. These benefits make recessed tie-down rings a valuable feature for cargo trailers, ensuring safe and efficient transportation of various types of cargo.

Stabilizer Jacks

Stabilizer jacks provide improved stability, secure parking, increased load capacity, safer loading and unloading, reduced trailer movement, ease of use, and prevention of tire flat spots for cargo trailers. By utilizing stabilizer jacks, trailer owners can ensure a safer, more stable, and efficient towing and stationary experience, enhancing the overall usability and longevity of the cargo trailer.

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